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Gasoline Fuel Injector

  1. Throttle body with integrated electronic governing maintains precise engine speed control

    • Operates without the need for a throttle position sensor

    • System does not require external throttle linkage

    • Governor can maintain 3 set speeds plus idle speed (4 total operating speeds)

    • Unit can also be operated utilizing drive-by wire technology

    • The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) mounts directly to the fuel system throttle body and can control ignition timing and governing on DIS equipped engines

    • Engine can be easily de-rated (power) per application requirements or customers specifications

    • Customized PID settings allow superior governor control for each individual customer application

    • Tamper proof controls ensure continued optimum performance for life of system

  2. Delivers only the amount of fuel the engine requires to operate efficiently under different load conditions

    • Better engine exhaust emission control (Enables engine manufacturers to meet emission requirements.)

    • Automatically compensates for altitude changes

    • Enhanced fuel economy

    • Closed loop system with O2 sensor for optimum 3-way catalysts emission performance

  3. Enhanced engine performance over carburetors

    • Superior cold weather starting (Eliminates need for automatic and/or manual choke.)

    • Eliminates dieseling of engine on shutdown

    • Superior hot start performance

  4. Compact size and design for easier application and installation of package

    • Designed to fit within current carburetor size envelope for easier installation

    • All electronic components are environmentally sealed and protected

    • Maximized use of automotive components and sensors for cost control and assurance of quality

    • Provision of EGR control if required by customer application

    • Diagnostics can be accomplished using a common 12 volt test light for field service

    • Capability for dashboard diagnostics can be added with software revisions

    • Easy calibration for different engine sizes and applications

    • Single throttle body design can accommodate 1 to 3 liter engines - gasoline or liquid propane

    • Engine manufacturer, distributor, or application builder can customize performance parameters

  5. Can be used for various fuels: gasoline and liquid propane

    • Can be used for dual fuel applications

    • In-line fuel pump supplied as part of system provides easy installation and application flexibility

  6. Dual Fuel system has capability of switching fuels on-the-fly while engine is running under load
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